Optimizing Workspaces for Digital Agencies

The structure of a digital agency can be complex and varied, with multiple projects, clients, and departments. GitScrum Workspaces offer a solution to this complexity by providing a graded structure that can be stratified into many levels. This allows for a clear representation of the corporate work and makes it easy to manage and analyze different aspects of the business.

GitScrum Workspaces are highly adaptable and can be customized according to the specific needs of the agency. They can be used to represent company departments, types of actions, product lines, clients, or project themes. As the agency grows, it’s natural to need more Workspaces, and GitScrum supports unlimited Workspaces and users to accommodate this growth.

In GitScrum Workspaces, team members can be assigned different roles, ensuring a highly organized and efficient work environment. The ability to share data among Workspaces and create exclusive private data within a determined Workspace also allows for increased productivity.

Investing a few minutes in setting up your Workspaces in GitScrum can save a lifetime in operational work during project execution. With the option to associate relevant data at the root level of the Workspace, projects authors can easily access and use this data, improving the overall efficiency and success of the agency.

Choose GitScrum for a seamless and optimized Workspaces experience in your digital agency.

Create your first GitScrum Workspace

With GitScrum Workspaces, digital agencies can easily categorize and manage their projects in a structured and organized manner. The number of Workspaces you can create is dependent on your GitScrum subscription plan.

Each Workspace serves as a separate section for your projects, providing an added level of customization and flexibility. For example, a digital agency may choose to create a separate Workspace for each major client, department or unit within the company.

Organizing projects within Workspaces allows for a more efficient workflow, making it easier to manage and access your projects in one central location. This can greatly improve productivity, saving time and reducing the risk of miscommunication or disorganization.

  1. On the header bar, click on the “Workspace Name” dropdown menu.
  2. After, Click on “Create a new Workspace”.
  3. Fill in the required data, choosing the name for your Workspace.
  4. Go to Workspace Settings to change your Workspace details.
GitScrum Create a Workspace

Unlike projects that may be visible or not to everyone, all Workspaces are private.

Each Workspace can have a different branding.

Setup your Workspace

As a manager, you are responsible to setup your work environment on GitScrum. This section is where your workflow has the opportunity to show its business information like its working area, its main product or service and/or your main mission.

  1. Open your Workspace
  2. Go to “Workspace Settings” on the Sidebar, then edit your “Workspace Details”.
  3. Name your workspace with your workflow’s name, or with your client’s name.
  4. Click “Update Details” to save.
GitScrum Workspace Settings

Visualize All Your Workspaces

To see all the Workspaces you already created:

  1. Log in to GitScrum.
  2. At the Header bar, click your Company name to open the drop-down menu.
  3. Click “List All Workspaces.”
  4. Your Workspaces will show.

Delete a Workspace

  1. Open your Workspace.
  2. Go to Workspace Settings / Workspace Details.
  3. Click “Delete Workspace”.
  4. Confirm “Yes” to “Do you really want to delete?” Warning: Notice that you cannot revert this process. If you delete a Workspace with a license, you will lose it.

Configure Emails with Personalized Brand

Company logo and description will appear in the emails you send if you enable this option:

  1. Open your Workspace.
  2. Go to Workspace Settings / Workspace Details.
  3. Check (🗸) Emails – Personalised Brand.

Share Project Labels

Allow all your teams to see and use your labels in other projects, by doing this:

  1. Open your Workspace.
  2. Go to Workspace Settings / Workspace Details.
  3. Check (🗸) Share Project Labels.

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