Get a Comprehensive List of Tasks Associated with a Workflow

Stay on Track with Your Workflow Progress

This API endpoint provides a list of tasks associated with a given workflow. By specifying the workflow ID in the request, you can retrieve a comprehensive list of tasks associated with that workflow. The response includes information such as the task ID, name, description, due date, and status, giving you a detailed overview of the tasks associated with the specified workflow. This API is useful for tracking progress and managing tasks in a software development project.



API ID and Project KEY are required for authentication.

Query Parameters
– workflow_id (required): integer, the ID of the workflow for which the tasks should be retrieved.
– user_story_slug: refers to a unique identifier that is used to represent a user story
– sprint_slug: refers to a unique identifier that is used to represent a sprint
– is_archived: refers to a unique identifier that is used to represent tasks archived or unarchived. Detault is 0 (unarchived)

Example Response

    "data": [
            "uuid": "209efded-22f9-4499-80c8-341d6d895a70",
            "code": "#RRDAY-45",
            "effort": {
                "title": "Easy",
                "effort": "1.00"
            "type": {
                "title": "Night",
                "color": "#7bd148"
            "timer": true,
            "has_sprints": true,
            "has_user_stories": true,
            "workflow": {
                "id": 12377,
                "slug": "doneuCBgYvsEp70KlcEz",
                "state": 1,
                "title": "Done",
                "color": "#16a765"
            "parent_id": null,
            "image": null,
            "labels": [],
            "slug": "5-create-a-visual-representation-of-the-teams-progress",
            "state": null,
            "title": "5 Create a visual representation of the team's progress",
            "description": "",
            "user": {
                "name": "Renato Marinho",
                "headline": "Founder & CEO at GitScrum",
                "username": "renatomarinho",
                "avatar": "https://gitscrum-storage-avatars.s3.amazonaws.com/b9467bcfd59b6fbab1b4e5e98f79d8816a77a346.png"
            "users": [],
            "features": [],
            "completed_user": {
                "name": "Renato Marinho",
                "headline": "Founder & CEO at GitScrum",
                "username": "renatomarinho",
                "avatar": "https://gitscrum-storage-avatars.s3.amazonaws.com/b9467bcfd59b6fbab1b4e5e98f79d8816a77a346.png"
            "completed_date": {
                "date_for_humans": "4 days ago",
                "timezone": "2023-02-10 4:28:25",
                "timestamp": 1676003305
            "start_date": [],
            "due_date": [],
            "created_at": {
                "date_for_humans": "1 month ago",
                "timezone": "2023-01-12 11:03:08",
                "timestamp": 1673521388
            "settings": {
                "is_blocker": false,
                "is_bug": false,
                "is_draft": false,
                "is_archived": false
            "time_tracker": null,
            "time_tracker_user": null,
            "stats": {
                "votes": 0,
                "fields": 0,
                "time_trackers": 0,
                "comments": 0,
                "checklists": 1,
                "attachments": 0,
                "subtasks": 0,
                "videos": 0,
                "checklist_percentage": 0
            "company": {
                "slug": "gitscrum",
                "name": "GitScrum",
                "logo": "https://gitscrum-static.s3.amazonaws.com/img/badges/badge-02.png",
                "header_logo": "https://gitscrum-static.s3.amazonaws.com/img/gitscrum-black.png",
                "header_color": "#CBCBCB",
                "favicon": "https://gitscrum-storage-avatars.s3.amazonaws.com/9decc863043245285a50b2d74adb82ae0fcd384f.png",
                "owner": {
                    "name": "Renato Marinho",
                    "headline": "Founder & CEO at GitScrum",
                    "username": "renatomarinho",
                    "avatar": "https://gitscrum-storage-avatars.s3.amazonaws.com/b9467bcfd59b6fbab1b4e5e98f79d8816a77a346.png"
            "project": {
                "slug": "rabbit-day",
                "name": "Rabbit Day",
                "logo": "https://gitscrum-storage-avatars.s3.amazonaws.com/58cb78e94d967f43a6364435484ad3a26a83a48e.png",
                "visibility": {
                    "is_private": false,
                    "title": "Public"
                "recurring": {
                    "enabled": true,
                    "limit": 99999
                "owner": {
                    "name": "Renato Marinho",
                    "headline": "Founder & CEO at GitScrum",
                    "username": "renatomarinho",
                    "avatar": "https://gitscrum-storage-avatars.s3.amazonaws.com/b9467bcfd59b6fbab1b4e5e98f79d8816a77a346.png"
            "sprint": {
                "slug": null,
                "title": null
            "user_story": {
                "slug": "as-a-manager-i-want-to-be-able-to-under-5e6a6642f3fb3",
                "title": "As a manager, I want to be able to understand my colleagues progress, so I can better report our sucess and failures."
            "rating": 0,
            "has_recurring": false,
            "is_favorite": false
    "total": 1,
    "count": 1,
    "per_page": 15,
    "current_page": 1,
    "total_pages": 1

Ensure that you securely store and protect your API ID and Project KEY, as they are required for authentication.

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